Success Stories

One of the questions that I know many people have on their brain once they have visited my website or will ask me directly is:

“Does the Killer Stand-up Comedy System really work?”

That’s not a hard question for me to answer.

My response to that frequently asked question has been and will always be:

“If you are truly a naturally funny person in everyday life, you have a sense of humor that translates well to a general audience AND you are willing to truly work at honing your comedic abilities for the stage — I challenge you to find ANY system or process that can give you real and measurable results faster than the Killer Stand-up Comedy System.”

But I am fully aware that the statement above will never be as powerful coming from me as actually SEEING real results for yourself.

Now, let me introduce you to comedian Clayburn Cox. (read more…)

Another Killer Stand-up comedian has blasted onto the stand-up comedy scene in record time — so let me introduce you to 30 year old Miami comedian Johnny Trabs in Miami, Florida.

Johnny is no stranger to live performing or television as a part of an award winning sketch comedy duo with comedian Yamil Piedra called “A Pair of Nuts” who have been featured on Last Call w/ Carson Daly, BET, NBC, Discovery Channel, Mega TV and all over the internet.

But last year after much prodding from a cousin, successful sketch and improv comedian Johnny Trabs decided to take a shot at stand-up comedy in June 2009 — which is a whole different ball game than sketch and improv comedy. (read more…)

One of the questions I frequently get is this:

How fast can I make progress in stand-up comedy?

Well, if an individual can bring real comedy talent to the table, they can progress very quickly — if they have the drive, desire AND they actually know what they are doing when it comes to developing and delivering stand-up comedy material.

Let me introduce you to comedian Sue Johnson, a Rochester, Minnesota resident who at 54 years young decided to ditch her high paying job as a therapist and embark upon her long time dream of performing stand-up comedy beginning in April 2011.

Below you will find before and after videos of Sue Johnson, as well as an audio interview I did with Sue in late September 2011 (don’t miss the audio interview)… (read more…)

Patrick Andonie is a 52 year old accountant from New Orleans, Louisiana who had wanted to take a shot at stand-up comedy for years but could never seem to muster the courage.

But in August 2014 he finally did muster the courage and decided to try his hand at becoming a comedian.

Soon after his first open mic performance he became a Killer Stand-up Online Course Member and according to Patrick, began to experience immediate improvement in his stand-up comedy routine once he actually started applying the techniques and strategies provided in my online course.

Here is a video of Patrick performing a tight 3 minute set for an audience of about 80 people at the Icehouse in Pasadena August 2017: (read more…)

For those that think you have to be a “dirty” comedian to be a funny comedian…

Let me introduce you to comedian John Branyan, yet another Killer Stand-up Comedy System comedian.

You may not have ever heard of John, but make no mistake…

He can stand among the best out there because I have the PAR Scores to prove it.

Below is a 73 second YouTube video clip of comedian John Branyan in action.

Whether you personally care for his act or not, pay close attention to the numbers at the end of the video: (read more…)