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Thank you! I purchased your Killer Stand up course in February 2018. I studied every lesson, listened to every example, and followed your instructions to the letter. My friends/family kept giving me advice, but I stuck to my guns and did it your way.

I performed at my first open mic last night. I treated the venue as my living room and the audience as friends who were guests at my party. I was in a lineup of 25 comics, including those who had driven over to Little Rock from Memphis for the open mic. It’s a small room — holds 100 seats. The audience was 25 percent patrons and 75 percent comics waiting to go on. No matter — they all laughed at my set.

Instead of an awful experience with me rambling for 3 minutes trying to find a joke, I had a wonderful time. I was confident in my material; I had proper set-up, punch, & tag lines; and I had rehearsed and honed my set to an exact three minutes. I was prepared and that gave me the confidence to deliver my material to the best of my ability.

And I owe it all to you, Mr. Roye. Thank you!

Anne Cooksey

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From the desk of:
Steve Roye, Pro Comedian Trainer

As Hard As I Tried In The Beginning, I Sucked!

I was 32 years old in 1992 when I made the decision to jump into stand-up comedy with both feet and give it my best shot.

What makes someone even think about becoming a comedian?

start-comedy2-sThe reasons I had were probably the exact same reasons you have now.

For me, I was a medical educator in the Navy at the time (I retired from active duty in 1999) and I decided to take a serious stab at it, because…

I could make a classroom full of students laugh so hard that it would disturb the other classes — teaching what would normally be considered painfully dry and boring topics. And I had been doing that literally for years.

So I figured that taking a shot at stand-up comedy couldn’t really be that hard. I remember vividly what I was thinking when I first made the decision to become a stand-up comedian:

All I had to do was write some jokes, tell them on stage and soon I would be discovered! And it can’t be that hard. I know I can be funnier than most comedians on TV.”

Boy, I was naive in the beginning.

I knew in my heart that I was funny enough for the stage and could make something big out of stand-up comedy.

I thought if I just had some good information on how to write great jokes, I was on my way to success!

So I did what seemed like the smartest thing to do at the time…

I spent hundreds of dollars buying every book I could find and taking workshops to learn how to write, develop, and perform stand-up comedy material.

I studied joke writing techniques and joke formulas day and night. I wrote joke after joke, then rewrote them over and over again until I believed they were as funny as they could possibly be.

I spent countless hours memorizing and performing my “killer jokes.”

With all my hard work I knew I had an act that would be a knock out! Then I went on stage and performed the material I had written. I couldn’t believe what happened next…

With all my hard work I knew I had an act that would be a knock out! Then I went on stage and performed the material I had written.

I couldn’t believe what happened next…

boring3-sMost of my material didn’t work. The material that I performed work didn’t work well at all. I’m not talking about once or twice. I’m talking about having below-average to poor performances on a consistent basis — for months.

I studied longer. I worked harder. I wrote and rewrote material. I talked to every comedian who would talk to me, trying to get every scrap of information I could to help make my act better. I practiced more.

I put 110% into every performance. And after 9 months of seriously working my butt off, I can honestly say…

I would get some laughs, but I had made little real progress. My act was nowhere near the level I wanted it to be at.  And working harder without significant results only made my frustration grow even more.

I got to the point where I figured I had just one option left…


blankDude, this Killer Stand-up Comedy System course is the real deal. You’ve put into words what every comic that’s out there needs to read, and I mean now.

I’ve been performing standup for about 8 years and after going through the materials once, it has revolutionized the way I approach writing.

Seriously, the pressures of writing and developing new stuff is wearing off on a daily basis.

I could really go on, but I just wanted to commend you on this work. Because it works. My goal is an hour of new stuff in a year. Bring it on.

Tim Hawkins
Professional Comedian

I Just Couldn’t Do It Any More

It was a hard decision for me because I really wanted to be a comedian – but I decided to quit.

bummed-out-sI had to face the cold hard reality. I just wasn’t cut out for stand-up comedy.

After months of study and hard work, I simply couldn’t “write” or deliver great jokes and I just figured becoming a comedian just wasn’t in the cards for me.

Long story short – I got sick and tired of bombing on stage.

Then a very strange thing happened…

I was teaching classes in the evenings to supplement my income. On one particular evening, I strayed into a non-related topic and had the class laughing so hard, the building manager came over to the room to see what was going on.

This had happened before, but on this night it really sparked my attention.

What happened that night kept nagging at me. There was one thing I just couldn’t seem to figure out.

How was it that I could make a whole class full of people laugh so hard that they couldn’t hardly breathe….

But I couldn’t even come close to that when I was on stage as a comedian?

And the most puzzling part of all was…

I wasn’t doing any of the “paper written” jokes from my stand-up comedy material in the class that night — just like every other time I had gotten really big laughs from a group I was teaching.

I knew I was on to something — I just had to figure it out. I was determined to find out why I could make people laugh when I was just being myself, but when I got on stage, I was mediocre at best.

Well, I did figure it out — and the results were incredible…

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