Killer Stand-up Comedian Clayburn Cox

One of the questions that I know many people have on their brain once they have visited my website or will ask me directly is:

“Does the Killer Stand-up Comedy System really work?”

That’s not a hard question for me to answer.

My response to that frequently asked question has been and will always be:

“If you are truly a naturally funny person in everyday life, you have a sense of humor that translates well to a general audience AND you are willing to truly work at honing your comedic abilities for the stage — I challenge you to find ANY system or process that can give you real and measurable results faster than the Killer Stand-up Comedy System.”

But I am fully aware that the statement above will never be as powerful coming from me as actually SEEING real results for yourself.

Now, let me introduce you to comedian Clayburn Cox.

Clayburn is a high school teacher in Auburn, Alabama—a city of just over 58,000 people. And he did something that I don’t usually get access to when comedians contact me, which is…

He sent me links to YouTube videos of his stand-up comedy performances BEFORE and shortly AFTER using the Killer Stand-up Comedy System.

YouTube Video #1

Clayburn Cox had been performing stand-up comedy for less than 6 months and WAS NOT using the my system when the video you are about to review was produced — it was recorded in July 2009.

His PAR Score in this first video is right around 25 — an average of 15 seconds of laughter for each performing minute (which is pretty darned good for someone who has been performing for less than 6 months):

YouTube Video #2

Now, let’s take a look at comedian Clayburn Cox AFTER using the Killer Stand-up Comedy System and a very brief phone call from me about long set-ups and avoiding running over laughs.

The video you are about to review was recorded in October 2009 — just 3 months after the previous video.

This performance was recorded at a comedy competition (he took 2nd place) and the PAR Score for this performance is about 42an average of 25 seconds of laughter for each performing minute.

This performance level resulted in a week of opener work at the comedy club hosting the comedy competition.

The bottom line:

If you ask me if the Killer Stand-up Comedy System really works or not, don’t take my word for it.

Just compare the before and after YouTube videos of Clayburn above.

Or just go directly to the source and ask comedian Clayburn Cox himself, who I strongly suspect that you will be seeing more of in the near future based on his stand-up comedy skill.

His website is

Fair enough? 🙂