For yet another example of just how fast a powerful stand-up comedy act can be developed, let me introduce you to Killer Stand-up comedian Bobby Friske.

This 42 year old graphic designer based out of Dallas, Texas made the decision to take a shot at stand-up comedy on August 26, 2009 after being “accidentally” accepted for an open mic spot at the Dallas Improv.

Confident in his initial comedy abilities, Bobby began performing at local open mics on a weekly basis.

Bobby immediately enrolled in a local comedy class and began pouring through some of the more popular books on stand-up comedy.

Note: There is a follow-up interview I conducted with Bobby on this page.

The Before Video

The first video below is comedian Bobby Friske performing on Sep 19, 2009 before knowing anything about the Killer Stand-up Comedy System.

In this video, Bobby averages 15 seconds of laughter per minute (PAR Score 25) in this performance:

Still hungry for information that would help him further develop his stand-up comedy skills quickly…

In October 2009, Bobby found the website.

In November 2009, Bobby enrolled in a private phone coaching session with me.

As a result of our private coaching session, Bobby immediately got his hands on the my course.

The After Video

On March 27, 2010 Bobby performed for the first time in a self-promoted show with his newly formed comedy group The Laugh Mafia.

Here is a 3 minute YouTube video of comedian Bobby Friske’s 25 minute performance from that show where he doubled his laughter response (average of 30 seconds of laughter per minute – PAR Score 50):

Quite a noticeable difference, don’t you think?

I believe the increased audience response in the second video speaks for itself. But don’t take my word for it…

If you really want to know if what I have to offer actually works, just ask Killer Stand-up comedian Bobby Friske: