Killer Stand-up Comedian Wendy Bax

If you think that you need a hundred or two hundred performances before you can deliver a headliner level performance, then…

You might want to check out Killer Stand-up comedian Wendy Bax.

Wendy is a 42 year old stay-at-home mom based in Portland, Oregon who had been told for years that she should take a shot at stand-up comedy.

In June of 2008 she attended the Christian Comedy Association Conference and it was strongly recommended by top comedians at the conference that she get her hands on the Killer Stand-up Comedy System.

In July 2008, she started working with my system. By April of 2009, Wendy began performing with a local comedy group in Portland called “TIME OUT! The Mother of All Comedy Shows”. Her first performance with that group was only her fifth time on stage.

The YouTube video that I am about to share with you of comedian Wendy Bax was filmed in Jan 2010 and represents Wendy’s 9th stage performance.

In this video she averages a whopping 23 seconds of laughter for each performing minute (PAR Score 39) for her 10 minute set in this video:

What’s important to note here is that Wendy’s 9 performances happened over a 19 month period, entertaining audiences as the sparse performing opportunities became available.

And on top of that…

She has been able to reach this performance level without the usual deeply blue and vulgar material that many female comedians use today in their stand-up comedy acts.

I am the first to tell anyone that the speed at which a comedian can excel is directly related to the number of performances they can accumulate (and improve).

But it should also be very apparent from Wendy’s video that the quality of preparation for a gig not only matters greatly, but also allows new comedians to make the absolute most out of the least amount of performing opportunities.

Such is the case with comedian Wendy Bax, who has only just scratched the surface of her comedy potential.

Here’s the way I look at it:

If a 42 year old stay-at-home mom can reach headliner level in just 9 performances, then there are really no excuses for those who are funny and willing to work to get the big laughs.

Keep up the fantastic work Wendy!