Killer Stand-up Comedian Patrick Andonie

Patrick Andonie is a 52 year old accountant from New Orleans, Louisiana who had wanted to take a shot at stand-up comedy for years but could never seem to muster the courage.

But in August 2014 he finally did muster the courage and decided to try his hand at becoming a comedian.

Soon after his first open mic performance he became a Killer Stand-up Online Course Member and according to Patrick, began to experience immediate improvement in his stand-up comedy routine once he actually started applying the techniques and strategies provided in my online course.

Here is a video of Patrick performing a tight 3 minute set for an audience of about 80 people at the Icehouse in Pasadena August 2017:

Using Comedy Evaluator Pro to evaluate this set, Patrick achieved a 39 PAR Score, generating an average of 23 seconds of laughter per minute (a headliner level set is a PAR Score of 30 or above, generating an average of 18 seconds or more for each performing minute).

In order to put this achievement in perspective, here is a video of Patrick performing at the Joke Joint in Houston for about 40 audience members 19 months earlier — again, prior to fully implementing the system provided in my online course:

Here are some important points I want to make about the first video:

Being able to perform at the level demonstrated by the first video didn’t happen overnight for Patrick – it took dozens of performances over time, albeit a relatively short period of time in the world of stand-up comedy.

As for many busy working professionals, it took time for Patrick to fully implement the Killer Stand-up Comedy System while also performing at the open mic gigs in order to hone and develop a solid stand-up comedy act.

What matters most is that Patrick has managed to ultimately capture and express his sense of humor in a way that is organic and effective for him to generate the high level laughter results you see in the first video — without having to perform for 5-10 years before making significant headway like popular books on becoming a comedian tend to indicate.

That’s what the Killer Stand-up Online Course is really all about.

I want to thank Patrick for allowing me to share his success story and I truly wish him the best of luck in his stand-up comedy adventures!

You can reach Patrick via his Facebook page at: