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Success Primer Bonus Audio Series

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The Stand-up Comedy Secrets For Beginners Audio Series is a question-and-answer style information resource unlike any other for new comedians.

This audio series was created to provide rock solid, introductory information covering a wide variety of topics that every new comedian who is serious about success in the world of stand-up comedy should be familiar with such as:

  • Issues surrounding developing stand-up comedy material
  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Dealing with hecklers
  • The basics about comedy open mics
  • What you need to know about stand-up comedy audiences
  • Performance levels every comedian should reach
  • Factors that can directly influence a comedian’s progress

And a whole lot morethis series offers 10 hours of fast paced, experienced laced, detailed, no-punches-pulled information that every new comedian should have access to – BEFORE they attempt to take a shot at becoming a stand-up comedian.

Let me also say this — the Stand-up Comedy Secrets For Beginners series is the only series of its kind on the planet that provides extensive and comprehensive stand-up industry information specifically geared for new comedians.

Knowledge is power. This is especially true when it comes to progressing quickly in the world of stand-up comedy.

Comment from series host Ron Temple:

I can’t begin to describe the insight and knowledge I gained from hosting the Stand-up Comedy Secrets for Beginners audio series.

I was often told by my students, I should be performing stand-up comedy. I would acknowledge the thought and discount it due to my fear of public speaking.

I could lecture and speak to large groups on almost any subject, but feared giving a speech. I was often asked to speak and would prepare a speech, I would create it, rehearse it, and I would, more often than not, blow the delivery.  So taking my “act” on the road so to speak was out of the question.

During this series I discovered that my difficulty with getting laughs in the public speaking arena was the same as for most new comedians — I was getting in my own way with preconceived ideas that simply weren’t going to work to begin with.

This series allowed me to discover the reason for a lifelong impediment to funny public speaking and I feel confident now, “my getting in my own way”, will no longer be a problem.

The self-discovery and unique perspective provided in this series was just mind blowing.

Understanding the dynamics, logistics and science of generating audience laughter was captivating. Steve’s point of view and knowledge of stand-up comedy made this series both engaging and entertaining.  Trust me, you do not want to pass up this opportunity to learn more about this very fascinating subject.

About The Series Episodes

The Stand-up Comedy Secrets For Beginners series consists of 12 online audios (1 public + 11 Members Only). Each episode in the series is 50-52 minutes in duration (there is 10 hours of information provided in this revealing series).

Episode 1 is an introduction audio and is available for review below in its entirety. Also available for your review below are 4-5 minute audio excerpts from the beginning of each of the remaining episodes in the series.

Episode 1 – Steve Roye Background, Laughter Dynamics In Conversation (51 minutes)

blankTopics discussed in this episode include:

  • My rocky start as a comedian
  • A brief history on becoming a professional comedian quickly.
  • How I became a stand-up comedian trainer — by accident.
  • The common event that happens in causal conversations that is most closely related to delivering a high impact stand-up comedy routine.

Episode 1 (51:14 Full Episode)

Note: The true beginning of the series is in the last part of Episode 1 and covers details about the stand-up comedy that you have already performed in everyday social situations and didn’t even realize it.

The information in this excerpt applies directly to the information provided in the Success Primer course, So I have provided this 17 minute segment from Episode 1 separately:

Episode 1 (17:37 Excerpt)

Episode 2 – Comedy Material Development Secrets (50 minutes)


Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Specific obstacles associated with creating and developing stand-up comedy material that works to get laughs on stage.
  • How the information provided at the end of Episode 1 ties into stand-up comedy.
  • The laughter performance levels every comedian should strive for.
  • Why conventional stand-up comedy resources don’t provide information that new comedians need to do well at stand-up comedy.
  • What joke formulas really are and why you want to avoid trying to use them to develop stand-up comedy material.

Episode 2 (5:14 Sample)

Episode 3 – New Comedian Essentials Part 1 (51 minutes)


Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • The 4 main process components comedians use to develop and deliver their stand-up comedy material at a high level.
  • How to easily verify pro comedian performance levels.
  • One important aspects of stand-up comedy that most new comedians miss.
  • The difference between stand-up comedy and acting.
  • About comedy open mics (Part 1).

Episode 3 (4:52 Sample)

Episode 4 – New Comedian Essentials Part 2 (52 minutes)


Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • More about comedy open mics (Part 2).
  • One indicator that you are making progress as an open mic comedian.
  • Different types of stand-up comedy material.
  • The advantages of creating and developing topic based stand-up comedy material.
  • Factors that directly impact the speed that a comedian can progress.

Episode 4 (4:45 Sample)

Episode 5 – Stand-up Comedy Audience Secrets (51 minutes)


Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Audience group dynamics and how they affect a comedian’s performance.
  • The most important audience factors for getting big laughs.
  • The major audience mistake many new comedians make.
  • How comedian videos are different than live performances and why it matters.
  • The performance improvement activity all new comedians should use.

Episode 5 (5:04 Sample)

Episode 6 – Overcoming Stage Fright (51 minutes)


Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Why stage fright presents a major obstacle for comedians.
  • The two major aspects that contribute to stage fright.
  • Hypnotherapy — why it works for some and not for others to get rid of stage fright.
  • How I easily got rid of stage fright for good in just 30 days.

Episode 6 (5:57 Sample)

Episode 7 – Dealing With Hecklers (51 minutes)


Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Heckling — what it is and why it happens.
  • 3 factors that affect the amount of heckling a comedian experiences.
  • The big secret for reducing heckling.
  • The one thing you do not want to do when dealing with a heckler.

Episode 7 (4:36 Sample)

Episode 8 – Stand-up Comedy Education Resources (51 minutes)


Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • The advantages of taking a live stand-up comedy class.
  • The most important aspect that is usually missing from most stand-up comedy classes and workshops.
  • Considerations when it comes to knowing if your stand-up comedy material is funny before you hit the stage.

Episode 8 (4:43 Sample)

Episode 9 – Internet Impact On Stand-up Comedy (51 minutes)


Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • The impact of the internet on stand-up comedy.
  • How useless information about stand-up comedy has become so widespread.
  • The proliferation of “armchair stand-up experts”.
  • Why new comedians should be weary of the stand-up comedy advice provided online.

Episode 9 (4:39 Sample)

Episode 10 – Stealing Jokes, Buying Jokes, Selling Jokes (51 minutes)


Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • What you need to know about joke theft.
  • What is NOT exclusive content for stand-up comedy material
  • Why it is usually a bad idea to try to buy jokes for a stand-up comedy routine.
  • Issues with trying to sell jokes/stand-up comedy material to comedians.

Episode 10 (4:57 Sample)

Episode 11 – Comedian Levels Of Progression (51 minutes)


Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • The different levels comedians progress to and the performance time needed for these levels (opening act, feature act, headliner).
  • The single most important factor that impacts your progress speed as a comedian.
  • Television appearances and what it can mean to a comedian.

Episode 11 (5:09 Sample)

Episode 12 – Getting Breaks, Performance Improvement Secrets (50 minutes)


Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • How getting “breaks” can affect a comedian’s career (I provide personal examples from my own stand-up comedy career).
  • How the Comedy Evaluator Pro software was developed and what it can do to shave time off the time it takes a comedian to deliver a high level stand-up comedy routine.
  • The two major things a comedian can do to tighten their stand-up comedy routine.

Episode 12 (4:50 Sample)

For access to the full episodes in this audio series, register here or on the home page.

Note: You can also find much of the information provided in this audio series on my blog:

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