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The Keys To Unleashing Your Comedy Talent

There are three primary core components that contain all my secrets for helping funny and talented individuals develop and deliver a powerful stand-up comedy act in the shortest time possible — using the natural comedy talent they have already developed in everyday life:

Success Primer

The Success Primer For New Comedians contains a complete and detailed online course dedicated to conquering what can be one of the most difficult obstacles new comedians face which is…

How to determine the best comedy topics for a stand-up comedy routine.

Your Best Stand-up Topics Made Easy course contains 7 lesson (1 free lesson and 6 Members Only Lessons) and will show you step-by-step how to use your natural comedy talent to easily determine what comedy topics could be the best (and easiest) to develop into tightly structured stand-up comedy material for the stage.

The purpose of this primer course is simple — to provide you with more quality stand-up topics that fit you like a glove that you can get stage time for when these topics are turned into fully developed comedy material.

Primer Bonuses

This course also contains the following bonuses:

  • Three bonus lessons that are related to the instruction provided in Your Best Comedy Topics Made Easy course
  • A 10 hour bonus audio series called Stand-up Comedy Secrets For Beginners.

Details about the bonuses included in the Success Primer For New Comedians can be found on this page.

Core Course Content

The Core Course Content provides extensive, step-by-step instruction on how to create, develop, structure, tighten and hone a powerful stand-up comedy routine from beginning to end focusing on using your already well-developed comedy talent.

Here’s what is included in the Core Course Content…

Rapid Training Modules

The online course is a unique, fast paced presentation of the most critical and vital step-by-step information a new comedian needs to develop a powerful stand-up comedy routine from scratch in the shortest time possible.

This part of the course consists of 8 Rapid Training Modules (28 lessons) to provide an additional compact, step-by-step, actionable resource based on the information provided in the Interactive Guides.

There is also information provided in this course that is not provided in the Interactive Guides.

Additional information about the Rapid Training Modules can be found on the Core Content page.

Overall Online Course Objective: Provide talented individuals a proven, easy to use step-by-step system for developing, structuring and professionally delivering topic based stand-up comedy material that ultimately generates headliner laughter levels (a minimum average of 18 seconds of laughter for each performing minute) in the shortest amount of time possible.

Yes there’s more — a ton more. Let’s start with access to the most comprehensive, step-by-step references available on the planet today…

Interactive Writing Guide

iwg-cover1-sThis popular and comprehensive reference (over 275 print ready pages) provides unique techniques in a simple, detailed, step-by-step format for developing a stand-up comedy act based on your natural sense of humor — from scratch.

As I mentioned earlier, this system is not based on traditional joke writing techniques. Instead, this guide focuses on a new methodology for rapidly producing and refining large amounts of stand-up comedy material quickly using your own unique sense of humor.

This system is designed specifically for naturally funny people who truly want to become professional comedians and have the sense of humor and point of view on life that will get them the really big laughs on stage.

This system is also highly effective for speakers who incorporate humor and comedy into their speeches and presentations.

This unique guide also details the step-by-step process used to create a 3 minute stand-up comedy bit from the idea phase all the way to the actual performance of the bit (performance audio provided).

Interactive Performing Guide

ipg-cover1-sThis extensive reference resource (over 250 print ready pages) reveals exclusive secrets, techniques and methods that show you how to conquer the greatest obstacles in stand-up comedy, enhance your performances and tighten your act in the shortest time possible.

This guide gives you access to the most powerful and unique techniques and methods ever developed to help you deliver and enhance your comedy act or speaking/training presentations to their maximum potential.

In a nutshell, the information provided in this guide can help a new comedian shave months if not years off the time it takes to become a highly skilled and proficient entertainer.

Also included in this highly detailed online book – The Secret Weapon: How to conquer stage fright for good!

And there are over 60 online multimedia files that supplement the Interactive Writing and Performing Guides. I don’t just tell you how — I show you every step of the way!

Additional information about the Interactive Guides can be found on the Core Content page.



I wanted to let you know how it is all going for me. I purchased your system about 6 months ago. I had done a stand-up comedy workshop and had been dared to enter a local comedy search competition.

Having continued to refine my material and develop more using your techniques, I am now hitting a new height with PAR’s between 25 and 32 (15-19 seconds laughter per minute)!!

I have much to thank you for, Steve.

Mark Gladman
Professional Comedian

Core Content Audio Bonus

There are some very important and powerful bonuses that are included with the Core Course Content…

Phone Coaching Audio Package ($79.95 Value)

blankIn addition to all the Rapid Training Modules and the Interactive Guides, new Members also get immediate access to the Phone Coaching Audio Package.

The Phone Coaching Audio Package is provided to augment the information provided in the Interactive Guides and the Core Training Modules and to help answer questions that you may have.

The Phone Coaching Audio Package consists of two main components:

1. The Killer Stand-up Comedy System Training Audio.

Initially, this 68 minute audio recording was made available almost exclusively to paid phone coaching clients and provides step-by-step details on how to develop topic based stand-up comedy material using Killer Stand-up methods and techniques included in the Interactive Guides and the Core Training Modules.

2. 5 Hours of recorded phone coaching audios.

This audio package also includes 5 hours of select, in depth one-on-one phone coaching sessions that I have conducted over the last several years and have been given permission to use for educational purposes.

Note: Due to the value of the information provided in these audio recordings and issues with file sharing, these audio recordings are made available for online review ONLY.

Let me be blunt: If you have real comedy talent and want to make real headway as a comedian quickly…

You will be hard pressed to find ANY comedy class, workshop, book or course that will give you more ACTIONABLE information for developing and delivering a professional stand-up comedy routine that gets big laughs than what is presented in the Interactive Guides, Core Course materials and the Phone Coaching Audio Package.

Bottom Line: The course materials made immediately available to Members upon initial registration provide all the actionable, step-by-step instruction needed to learn how to quickly and effectively develop and deliver a high level stand-up comedy routine in the shortest amount of time possible.

But what would you say if I told you that…

There is also a tremendous amount of additional valuable and actionable bonus content made available to Killer Stand-up Online Course Members provided at no cost and is simply unavailable from any other resource….

Advanced Level Content Bonuses ($149.90 Value)

upgrade1-sMake no mistake — I want you to have the greatest success in the shortest time possible with your stand-up comedy endeavors.

Subsequently, all Members get immediate access to the following valuable advanced level course materials at no cost:

  • 9 Independent Specialty Lessons Package ($59.95 value). The Independent Lessons Package is comprised of 9 detailed specialty lessons designed to amplify and supplement the information provided in the Interactive Guides and the Core Training Modules. Note: One of the 9 lessons in this package includes a special audio lesson called Comedy And Marketing Secrets For Magicians.
  • Corporate Comedy Secrets Training Package ($89.95 value). For those who have the ability to develop and deliver a clean and powerful stand-up comedy act, this audio training package demonstrates how to break into and progress in the potentially lucrative corporate comedy marketplace.

You also need to know with confidence that you are getting the laughter results you want with your stand-up comedy material and know exactly which aspects of your stand-up comedy material need adjustments or rework for bigger laughs.

That’s why Killer Stand-up Online Course Members also get…

1 Year Comedy Evaluator Pro Access Bonus ($108 Value)

Once a member has started performing as a comedian, there is no better performance benchmarking or performance evaluation tool than the Comedy Evaluator Pro online software — which was featured in the popular stand-up comedy documentary “I Am Comic”.

Now this powerful web page based performance evaluation application is compatible on all devices and immediately available to Members.

Comedy Evaluator Pro is specifically designed to help comedians and comedy entertainers easily and objectively measure these specific performance results in any given recorded stand-up comedy performance:

  • Number of laughs generated each minute
  • Laughter duration (seconds) for each laugh generated
  • Accumulated seconds of laughter (each minute and total per performance evaluated)

There is a 7 day trial access at that will provide you access to the complete software that is made available to Members for 1 year for free that you can check out for yourself.

A special link is provided in the Members Area to access the CEP external app exclusively for Killer Stand-up Online Course Members for 1 year.


Thank you! I purchased your Killer Stand up course in February 2018. I studied every lesson, listened to every example, and followed your instructions to the letter. My friends/family kept giving me advice, but I stuck to my guns and did it your way.

I performed at my first open mic last night. I treated the venue as my living room and the audience as friends who were guests at my party. I was in a lineup of 25 comics, including those who had driven over to Little Rock from Memphis for the open mic. It’s a small room — holds 100 seats. The audience was 25 percent patrons and 75 percent comics waiting to go on. No matter — they all laughed at my set.

Instead of an awful experience with me rambling for 3 minutes trying to find a joke, I had a wonderful time. I was confident in my material; I had proper set-up, punch, & tag lines; and I had rehearsed and honed my set to an exact three minutes. I was prepared and that gave me the confidence to deliver my material to the best of my ability.

And I owe it all to you, Mr. Roye. Thank you!

Anne Cooksey

And just in case you should discover that you don’t actually have what it takes to become a professional comedian for whatever reason, you also get my…

30 Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee

With over 15 years of experience providing the top online stand-up comedy educational materials available anywhere, I can say with great confidence that:

If the Killer Stand-up Online Course cannot help you meet your stand-up comedy material development goals and beyond, there is no other system on earth that can help you do it. Period.

And because of the measurable results most talented members are able to achieve as a result of using and applying the techniques and strategies in the course, refunds for the Killer Stand-up Online Course are rare.

However on occasion, there are individuals who will enroll in the course with great enthusiasm only to painfully discover that they don’t actually have the baseline comedy talent or skill needed to develop and deliver high level stand-up comedy material.

And make no mistake — I am fully aware of just how deeply disappointing that realization can be.

Subsequently, I offer a 30 day no hassle money back guarantee– no questions are asked and no explanations are required.

But before you make the decision to become a Killer Stand-up Online Course Member, there are some things that you may want to check out for yourself…




Your course is right on the money!

I’ve always considered myself a good writer, but your course takes writing and performing to the level of connecting to an audience.

That’s a big deal. It’s the difference between doing a good set and “owning the room”. I can’t thank you enough!

Sid Davis
Professional Comedian

Some Important Recommendations

checklist-sWhile the Killer Stand-up Online Course is without a doubt the most powerful and comprehensive stand-up comedy education resource available on the planet…

I also want you to have confidence that the secrets, strategies, techniques and tools I have to offer will truly help you reach your stand-up comedy dreams and goals.

That’s why I ask that before you make the decision to become an exclusive Killer Stand-up Online Course Member, I recommend that you:

1. Please make sure you have thoroughly reviewed the free Primer lesson and audio bonus samples, as well as the free demo lessons and the free Interactive Guide chapters.

2. Find out a little bit about me (Steve Roye) and what qualifies me to provide top level stand-up comedy educational content and instruction.

3. Contact some of the individuals featured in the Success Stories section or on the Testimonials section and ask them questions about the value of the information I have to offer in the Killer Stand-up Online Course.

4. Do this — check out my Top Stand-up Comedy Tips blog which has over 120 articles that support the approach used on this website for real success when it comes to developing and delivering a stand-up comedy act that rocks a room!

Top Stand-up Comedy Tips
This blog provides the very best stand-up comedy tips on the planet for new comedians. Presented by Steve Roye and KILLERSTANDUP.COM.

5. Try using the conventional “joke writing” methods every other so-called stand-up comedy “expert” (#ad) teaches for 6-12 months.

6. If available in your area, enroll in a live stand-up course or workshop. See if that helps you in any way develop and deliver high impact stand-up comedy material quickly.

As far as I can tell, I am one of the only stand-up comedy experts on the planet who will tell you to seek out and try out what every other so-called “expert” has to offer in the way of stand-up comedy education FIRST.

After that, if you aren’t getting the measurable results you want as a comedian, you are tired of wasting your hard earned money on information that doesn’t produce the level of results you want and you feel that the Killer Stand-up Online Course may be a superior alternative to help you progress as a comedian…

Register For Access In Just Minutes

The registration process to gain lifetime access to the Killer Stand-up Online Course is simple, straightforward and can usually be completed in less than 5 minutes.

Here’s what you need to know:


1. Using one of the buttons below, your registration payment using your credit card or PayPal will be securely processed for $349.95 just $129.95 (limited time*).

2. Once your registration payment has been processed, you will be redirected to a special Member Registration page to establish your secure Member account for the course.

You will need to be prepared to provide these information items when you get to that special Member Registration page: username desired, the password you want to use and the email address you want to associate with your account in order to retrieve your username and/or password should you forget it.

3. Upon establishing your new Member account, two important things will happen simultaneously:

  • You will get two important emails for your records: a payment receipt email (from Top Comedy Education Resources) and a registration welcome email with the username and password for your Member account.
  • You will get immediate access to the secure Member Course Content Access Area, which includes lifetime access to:

The Complete Killer Stand-up Online Course

  • Success Primer (7 Lessons, 3 Bonus Lessons, 10 Hour Bonus Audio Series – $19.95 value)
  • 8 Rapid Training Modules (28 Lessons – $129.95 value, includes Interactive Guides)
  • Interactive Writing Guide (275+ pages, includes multimedia)
  • Interactive Performing Guide (250+ pages, includes multimedia)
  • Bonus: Phone Coaching Audio Package (6 hours – $79.95 value)
  • Bonus: Free 1 Year Access To Comedy Evaluator Pro ($80 value)
  • Bonus: 9 Independent Specialty Lessons Package ($59.95 value)
  • Bonus: Corporate Comedy Secrets Audio Training Package ($89.95 value)

So if you have real comedy talent and you are ready to roll, click the button below to begin the registration process. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain…

Register Now For $129.95*
One Time Secure Payment — NO Additional Investment Required

Your registration will be processed directly on this secure website via the most protected and secure processing gateway available.

All major credit cards accepted or register using PayPal:

*Registration fee subject to increase at any time without notice.

I know from first hand experience that there is NO greater thrill on the planet than causing an audience laugh long and hard.

Whether you become a Killer Stand-up Online Course Member or not, I fully appreciate your courage and drive to tackle one of the most difficult and most rewarding entertainment art forms on the planet and…

I truly wish you the best in your stand-up comedy adventures!

Steve Roye
Author of The Killer Stand-up Comedy System & Online Course



Hey Steve!

I am one of the Native American comedians featured in the American Indian Comedy Slam on the Showtime Network.

I wanted to let you know that I started with the Killer Stand-up Comedy System 5 1/2 years ago. I have enjoyed an amazing and lucrative stand-up comedy career in record time as a direct result of your course.

I just cannot thank you enough.

J. R. Redwater
Professional Comedian

Thank you for choosing the Killer Stand-up Online Course!

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