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Killer Stand-up Comedian Johnny Trabs

Another Killer Stand-up comedian has blasted onto the stand-up comedy scene in record time — so let me introduce you to 30 year old Miami comedian Johnny Trabs in Miami, Florida.

Johnny is no stranger to live performing or television as a part of an award winning sketch comedy duo with comedian Yamil Piedra called “A Pair of Nuts” who have been featured on Last Call w/ Carson Daly, BET, NBC, Discovery Channel, Mega TV and all over the internet.

But last year after much prodding from a cousin, successful sketch and improv comedian Johnny Trabs decided to take a shot at stand-up comedy in June 2009 — which is a whole different ball game than sketch and improv comedy.

Johnny initially got his hands on Judy Carter’s books Stand-up Comedy: The Book and The Comic Bible, both of which provided little useful information for developing an effective stand-up comedy act.

At the urging of another Miami comedian, Johnny checked out the Killer Stand-up Comedy System.

Note: Johnny has been using Comedy Evaluator Pro after every show for performance improvement!

As of Feb 2010, in just over 6 months, comedian Johnny Trabs has:

  • Placed 3rd in an Improv stand-up comedy competition in Aug 2009
  • Won the annual Turkey contest at the Miami Improv in Nov 2009
  • Won the 1st Annual Miami Improv Comedy Derby in Jan 2010

Here’s a video of Johnny Trabs winning set at the Miami Improv Turkey Contest in November 2009 (PAR Score is 33 — an average of 20 seconds of laughter per minute):

It should be noted that even though Johnny had over a decade of live performing experience, he still needed the means to structure and deliver high impact stand-up comedy material.

The Killer Stand-up Comedy System provided that structure and the results speak for themselves.

Comedian Johnny Trabs has no intention of abandoning his sketch and improv comedy adventures.

Currently Johnny is writing and starring in the new international sketch comedy show by MegaFilms entitled “El Vacilon” which will make its debut March 6th on Mega TV, along with continued appearances in “A Pair of Nuts”.

But I certainly see Johnny becoming a force to be reckoned with in the world of stand-up comedy in the near future.