What Does It Really Mean To “Kill” On Stage?

What Does It Really Mean To “Kill” On Stage? When a comedian is on fire and able to generate loud and frequent laughter from an audience, you will hear them describe the experience using terms like this: I “killed” the audience I “slayed” the audience I “crushed” the audience I “destroyed” the audience But what does “killing” an audience really mean? Before 2003, the determination on whether or not a comedian “killed” on stage was made subjectively, based on observable laughter duration and frequency a comedian could generate during their performance. But once Comedy Evaluator Pro was developed and introduced into the marketplace… It then became possible to not only objectively measure and quantify the laughter a comedian could generate from a live audience on a minute-by-minute basis, but to also objectively determine whether or not a comedian was generating headliner laughter levels. Now, comedian can use their smartphone to conduct an objective performance evaluation using the free apps that are usually already installed on your smartphone: However, I actually get accused of “making up” false standards or trying to establish impossible goals for comedians and their stand-up comedy performances, especially since stand-up comedy is such a “subjective” performing art. Many people, including comedians at every level aggressively question how I am able to use objective metrics to determine how funny a comedian is or if they are delivering headliner level stand-up comedy material. First, let’s talk about the “standards” Continue reading What Does It Really Mean To “Kill” On Stage?