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Killer Stand-up Comedian Khulani Malone

If you have ever had a doubt in your mind about just how powerful the Killer Stand-up Comedy System really is, let me introduce you to comedian Khulani Malone.

Yes, once again I have some amazing BEFORE and AFTER videos included in this article, so you need not take my word for it. You can visualize and determine the results for yourself.

Khulani Malone, a 27 year old engineer for Intel in Sacramento, California decided to take another shot at stand-up comedy after a five year break.

He had attempted stand-up comedy previously, but he bombed every time he went on stage.

After taking a local stand-up comedy class in early 2009, Khulani Malone recognized immediately he needed a more solid knowledge base and found the Killer Stand-up Comedy System in the later part of April 2009. He started performing at local area open mics in May 2009.

In July 2009, Khulani performed at a talent show event for his company Intel (the performance is recorded on the first video below). In just 3 months he was able to reach a PAR Score of 19 (an average of 11 seconds of laughter per minute) using the Killer Stand-up Comedy System.

The Before Video

Please keep in mind as you watch this video that it usually takes a new comedian several years using the "traditional" joke writing methods to reach the laughter level you will see in the first YouTube video of Khulani -- after just 3 months using the Killer Stand-up Comedy System.

This video was recorded at Intel in Sacramento in front of an audience of 300 in July 2009:

What Happened Next

In mid-October 2009, Kulani got his hands on a the Killer Stand-up Comedy System and a phone coaching session with me.

One of the things that I ask for from phone coaching clients (if they have it) is a YouTube video of their act that I can review prior to the phone coaching call. Khulani sent me the video above.

From that first video, I could see that Khalani had some real comedy talent.

During my initial review of that video, I also pinpointed some areas that Khulani could immediately adjust to improve his performance and laughter levels.

Khulani reviewed the Killer Stand-up Comedy System prior to the coaching call.

During that call, the focus of the coaching for Khulani was on stage comfort and improving confidence on stage.

The After Video

The YouTube video you are about to review was recorded at Pepperbelly’s open mic on Jan 14, 2010 just 90 days after my phone coaching session with comedian Khulani Malone.

There were only 20 audience members in the room for this performance (30 if you count the other comedians at the gig):

In this video, Khalani basically demonstrates how he doubled his PAR Score (his PAR Score is 40 in the video above -- an average of 24 seconds of laughter per minute) in just mere months.

What’s most significant is that…

There were only 20 audience members in the room. Had there been 100+ audience members seated properly in that room, there is no doubt in my mind that Khulani would have easily gotten a PAR Score of 50+ (an average of 30 seconds of laughter per minute).

Here’s my challenge to you…

I challenge you to find ANY stand-up comedy teacher or stand-up comedy school or class that can demonstrate the significant results I have just shown you from ANY of their students in the time frames I have identified.

Does the Killer Stand-up Comedy System work?

Without a doubt, if you have real comedy talent and you are willing to work to be great.

Can my phone coaching have an impact on a comedian's performance?

Well, I’m going to say…

Just compare the two videos above and make that determination for yourself. It should be obvious that Khulani took massive action using the information provided in my phone coaching session with him and from the Killer Stand-up Comedy System.

Here’s what I know for sure:

There are very few headlining comedians who can sustain a PAR Score of 40 in a room of just twenty people — especially after just 8 performing months — and do it clean without using the "typical" Asian comedy references (eating pets, bad driving, etc.)

Khulani Malone is one of those talented comedians.

My special thanks goes to Khulani for submitting the before and after videos and for taking decisive action to improve and hone his stand-up comedy skills!