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Killer Stand-up Comedian John Branyan

For those that think you have to be a "dirty" comedian to be a funny comedian...

Let me introduce you to comedian John Branyan, yet another Killer Stand-up Comedy System comedian.

You may not have ever heard of John, but make no mistake...

He can stand among the best out there because I have the PAR Scores to prove it.

Below is a 73 second YouTube video clip of comedian John Branyan in action.

Whether you personally care for his act or not, pay close attention to the numbers at the end of the video:

Using Comedy Evaluator Pro, here's what I know about this 73 second Youtube video clip:

  • Approximately 35 seconds of this bit was filled with laughter. Par Score: 49 (average of 29.4 seconds of laughter per minute)!
  • There were 5 laughs in the first minute and 3 laughs in the last 13 seconds.
  • Laughs ranged from 4 to 10 seconds long.

The bottom line:

John Branyan is among the BEST out there, whether you have ever heard of him or not. The numbers simply don't lie.

And I would highly suspect that you will be seeing more and more of comedian John Branyan in the future.