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ksoc1Thank you for choosing the Killer Stand-up Online Course for your stand-up comedy education needs!

Before you begin to consume the online course material, I highly recommend that you carefully review these two audios at (access is immediate and free to listen online or download):

Audio 1 (Excerpt): The last part of Episode 1 (17 minutes) — this will explain how you have already performed high level stand-up comedy material during casual conversations and group social interactions. You can use the information in this audio to help you very quickly develop stand-up comedy material that you have at your disposal right now.

Audio 2: Episode 2 (50 minutes) — the information in this free audio will help you better understand and apply the strategies provided in this course and enhance your chances of success as a comedian — in the shortest amount of time possible.

Links to all the basic online course materials (those materials initially provided for customers prior to 2010) are provided below as well as a link to upgrade for access to all Killer Stand-up Online course materials:

Interactive Writing  And Performing Guides

Here are the links to the course reference guides:

Interactive Writing Guide


Chapter 1: What No One Else Will Tell You

Chapter 2: Nine Secrets You Must Know Before You Write A Single Word

Chapter 3: What Do I Talk About?

Chapter 4: Creating Your Topic List

Chapter 5: Creating Killer Bulk Material

Chapter 6: Street Jokes, Stand-up And Structure

Chapter 7: Performing Liposuction On Your Raw Material

Chapter 8: The Most Important Part Of A Stand-up Comedy Bit

Chapter 9: The Easiest Path To Killer Punchlines

Chapter 10: The Truth About Writing Techniques

Chapter 11: Comedy Timing Secrets

Chapter 12: Building Your Killer Act


Interactive Performing Guide


Chapter 1: You Are Your Act

Chapter 2: When You First Start Performing

Chapter 3: Tightening Your Killer Act

Chapter 4: Environmental Variables

Chapter 5: Audience Variables

Chapter 6: Performer Variables

Chapter 7: Riffing And Improv Comedy

Chapter 8: You And Other Comedians

Chapter 9: Stage Fright And My Secret Weapon

Chapter 10: What You Need To Know About Bombing

Chapter 11: The Working Comedian

Chapter 12: Now What?


Bonus Lesson

Street Joke Secrets For Professional Comedians

Free 1 Year Comedy Evaluator Pro Access

All Members are entitled to a free 1 year Comedy Evaluator Pro access period. This free access period may be requested at any time.

Before you use the form below to request your free 1 year Comedy Evaluator Pro access period, here’s what you need to know:

1. You will need to establish a free trial account at before I can upgrade you to a free 1 year access period.

2. If you are NOT yet performing, I recommend that you wait until you are performing AND have a video or audio recording of your stand-up comedy act BEFORE you request your free 1 year CEP access period.

Note: Unless you are performing CEP evaluations for other comedians as a courtesy or for profit, the free 1 year CEP access is of no value until you have an audio or video recording of your stand-up comedy act to evaluate.

3. When you begin to approach an average of 18+ seconds of laughter per minute as evidenced in a 3+ minute YouTube video, that means that you have reached a major milestone and you are generating headliner level laughter levels — regardless of the “title” you may hold as a comedian.

When this happens, I will be interested discussing the possibility of publishing a success story article about you similar to the ones on the Success Stories page.

For additional details, please use the Success Recognition link at the top of this page.

Free 1 Year CEP Access Request Form

All fields are required. I can usually have your CEP account upgraded for extended access within 24 hours.

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You have the ability to upgrade your access to the remainder of the Killer Stand-up Online Course educational materials for a one time payment of just $59.95 using one of the payment links below.

The following educational materials are included in addition to those provided above:

  • 8 Core Training Modules (28 Lessons)
  • Phone Coaching Audio Package (6 hours – $79.95 value)

Details for these items can be found on the Core Content page

  • 8 Independent Specialty Lessons Package ($59.95 value)
  • Corporate Comedy Secrets Audio Training Package ($89.95 value)

Details for these items can be found on the Advanced Content page

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Again, thank you for choosing the Killer Stand-up Online Course
for your stand-up comedy education needs!